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good alternative for mp3tag on linux, if it does not come to scripting

by Ranogard
about Puddletag · Mar 2017

overall very much like mp3tag

Unfortunately it stores the Actions differently than mp3tag, which makes it kindof not really an alternative if you don't want to spend hours typing in your actions again. The function $strrchr is not supported in puddletag. You also have to take care not to encapsulate your functions with quotes, because in that case they will be printed instead of executed. Square brackets are also not supported. As puddletag is designed to be similar to mp3tag they should try to make a mp3tag-actions import working.

Still, it is nice that there is the possibility to make your own Actions. I'll keep using it.

Actions are located in .local/share/puddletag/actions

[Edited by Ranogard, March 09]


Must have for GNU/Linux

about Puddletag and Mp3tag ·

I've test a lot of tags editors on Linux, but all lacks of some features, like editing some formats, regular expression and mass edition. But this one have all these features and even more, and is even user-friendly!
Must have for (ex-)regulars of MP3Tag on Windows, and maybe everyone!