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A good start, but needs Thunderbird compatibility. 1 Helpful

Positive Review by WandersFar
about ProtonMail and Thunderbird Feb 2015

So far, I like it. I received my invite a couple months ago, and have checked in now and then.

Logging in is easy. No problems with the double login (once to access your account, twice to decrypt your email: ProtonMail only has access to your first set of credentials, NOT the second, so if they’re ever strong-armed by the govt à la Lavabit, they’re incapable of turning over your encrypted mails.)

A major downside is the lack of third party client access, however. This is the reason why I haven’t made it my primary address. It’s just too inconvenient, only having access through the browser, when Thunderbird and its ilk are so much faster.

Once Thunderbird compatibility is sorted, however, I could easily imagine switching over to ProtonMail full time. Hope someone’s working on it.