ProProfs Knowledge Base Reviews

Most effective tool for boosting sales 1 Helpful

Review by robin_proprofs
about ProProfs Knowledge Base Feb 2017

ProProfs knowledge management tool has been great for empowering the marketing team of an enterprise.

After leveraging this tool, my team bagged in-depth insights into which type of content - articles, ebooks, guides and manuals - are putting up better performance and popular with the audiences.

The visual presentation of insights ensured that the productivity of my team improves and sales rises. "


A knowledge management tool - par excellence

Positive Review by mrobert
about ProProfs Knowledge Base Jul 2016

One of the best pro of ProProfs Knowledgebase is revision history so documentation is never lost. Easy to collaborate and create content with permission controls & review process. I use the tool for training and on-boarding new employees. It's a good tool for keeping documents in a central place and revision history is great for quick retrieval of content. Also collaboration is easy by setting up review processes with roles and permissions.


A tool for all businesses 1 Helpful

Positive Review by HelenCrowther
about ProProfs Knowledge Base May 2016

I came to know about ProProfs Knowledgebase from a friend when I was looking for a tool to create FAQ site and this tool helped me completely. I was able to create and publish manuals in minutes and was able to see all the changes in the revision history. This tool is simply amazing!


Best tool for creating FAQs

Positive Review by glenmaria
about ProProfs Knowledge Base Apr 2016

I own an online apparel store and I was paying a lot of money on my customer support because we were receiving tons of inquiry via phone calls. I got to know about knowledge base and how it can be used for creating FAQs. Initially, I thought it wouldn’t work but as my bills were piling up, I thought of giving it a shot. Once I created the FAQ site, my customer support calls reduced to half! It was incredible!