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Pro Evolution Soccer

Pro Evolution Soccer (officially abbreviated as PES) is a series of football video games developed...

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Pro Evolution Soccer (officially abbreviated as PES) is a series of football video games developed and published by Konami.

Every year, the game is released around late September and/or early October.

PES stands for realism on the pitch ? with tactically demanding gameplay, constantly changing situations, and ? of course ? lots of fun!
PES FullControl - An enhanced system giving you total freedom of movement on the pitch!
Player ID - Instantly recognisable Star Players who move and act like in real life!
ProActive AI - An enhanced Artificial Intelligence system that ensures a balanced match and proper offense and defense actions by your teammates!
If you are new to the series, head over to the Performance Training Mode, where you can master controls and follow step-by-step guides for various game situations and off-the-ball controls!
If you are looking for a long-term relationship with PES, the Football Life section will give you the selection between our popular Master League (On+Offline) and Become a legend modes, where you lead a team or a rookie player from nothing to something.
If you want to try to become Europe's best team, the exclusive UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE MODE offers you the same excitement as the real life competition!
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