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Great with Terrible Customer Support

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I am gonna be honest.

Great Speeds, Stable Service, quality-price ratio is great. That's about it! If you know what you're doing you're fine but if you happen to find yourself in situations where you don't know how to handle the tech, read on.

Support-wise, this is the worst of the worst. Do not expect them to solve your issues. Their guides are no better. "User friendly Privtatoria" is just a marketing lie. I have had trouble with them twice and the second time I was forced to contact them we ended up saying our Goodbyes.
Let me tell you more, after my first issue I had doubts about contacting them again because I already knew how unresponsive their customer support is. So, before turning to them for help I had people on reddit try to help me. Reddit, thank you! What would I do without you. But hey, reddit can't know the configuration of their servers and it ended up with a "I know, you don't want to hear this, but see what privatoria can tell you" advice. _If a provider manages to make you ask others first, if a provider manages to make you turn to other people first, if a provider makes you see their support line as a last resort, then this can't be good. _
I normally expect an engaged support and excellent customer experience. I can lower my expectations because of their price and even then there's but one thing to say:
Privatoria's motto is to have an exceptional We-Don't-Care policy.

I am not gonna be lying, their service is great. The same can't be sad about their Customer Service.