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Positive Review by jakewong
about Private Internet Access Jul 2015

Needs more likes... great and reliable service. There's also a standalone linux client rather than having to setup with openvpn.


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Positive Review by SpaceOctopus
about Private Internet Access Jan 2015

This is a truly great VPN service, with a great & easy piece of software which allows you to connect, as well as a working android app, which earns extra points in my book. No logging, nothing sneaky or morally reprehensible, no selling your info. Speeds are great, though where I live, they are usually not very high anyways, so it could be different for you. One of the coolest features, I find, is that you can use almost any gift card for other shops/businesses to pay for this. I think they take over 100 different ones. That's pretty damn cool, on many levels. It also allows you to anonymously pay for the service. They seem genuinely concerned with privacy overall, and their blog is even interesting & helpful to read. Good forum for support, great customer service & many servers to choose from. Really glad I asked a friend what they'd recommend, because I would have spent forever having to look for a new one after I realized what a crock Witopia was. I have been extremely satisfied with this. Oh and there's a killswitch built in for optionally having it disconnect your internet if the VPN cuts out or something, that way no data goes through if anything happens.

Also it takes really small amounts of resources. I hardly notice it when it's running. The price is another factor that really makes this a winner. I mean, I was thoroughly surprised at how low that was, especially when I'd seen so many other services charging sometimes even double what they do. Oh and they're torrent friendly. Pretty spiffy indeed.


Great so far!

Positive Review by toddlacy
about Private Internet Access Jan 2015

I've used PIA for almost a year and found that it works great. Before writing this I was just looking to see if there were any competitors I might switch to, but after searching and not finding any real reason to switch, I'll be sticking with PIA. I use it for both Android and Mac. I set it up on my DD-WRT router, but the router's processing power was not fast enough to keep up with the encryption. So that's been disabled. There are so many free WIFI spots available today, PIA saves you from having to purchase a MIFI. The way I see it PIA saves you money.

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