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Prey is a lightweight application that will help you track and find your laptop or mobile if it ever gets stolen. It works in Windows, Mac OsX, Linux and Android. You can now upgrade to a Pro account and forget about the three device limit. You’ll also get access to additional features ( http://preyproject.com/plans#pro-account-features ) that will help you keep better track of your assets — either when missing or not.

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This app could come in very hand if your phone or computer were to be stolen. It'll track the location and use of the device and send them to you! I've had the problem that my Android would automatically be reported as missing which is quite annoying, but it might be specific for my phone..

Here is a great story of a guy got his stolen laptop back: http://lifehacker.com/5838440/how-i-got-my-stolen-laptop-back-within-24-hours-using-prey