Great Service, Low Price

Positive Review by AndersonNNunes
about Dec 2016

Good service. Easy to use. Good documentation. Great for a first time user. The reviews here don't make justice to its quality. I read about it on Reddit and people there were right: Premiumize is worth the money spent on it.



Negative Review by leehough
about Jun 2014

Tried this site out, all was ok 1st month, renewed for another month and found that most of the downloads were quite slow, again i renewed for a 3rd month. again slow downloads then my account got blocked.

Submitted a ticket, got a response that my account was hacked, it's now been 5 days with no response to my tickets and my account is still blocked.

A quick look on the internet suggests that this happens quite often.

I would stay away from sites like this one as they will take your money then cut you off with 3 weeks still left to go then ignore all your ticket requests