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Positive Review by fraxonch
about Precurio Aug 2016

I have in the past years tried a number of different Intranet frameworks. I am happy to have landed on Precurio Intranet. The first time I came across it, I could not believe the listed features would function so perfectly when deployed. I decided to give it a try and installed a trial version on my Ubuntu Linux box which to my surprise went on very well. After evaluating it for about a month I decided it was time to purchase the software and do a final deployment. Our Organisation is a government institution (with 150 users) tasked with the mandate to regulate the Country's Energy sector. The Organisation's offices are located in for (4) different cities that are liked by a VPN. Servers are located at the head offices backedup by the remote DR Site.

One of the most appreciated feature is the Document Sharing which offers very good security features which can be applied to an entire folder or to a specific document. I am glad to say that when I demonstrated Precurio's Document Sharing feature and functionalities to our Records Officer, the poor guy was so exited that he had to confess the deployment of the application was going to be a solution to a number of challenges that were being faced by his section.

The other gentleman from our Technical Regulation department told me that the Document Sharing feature has been a solution to most of the department's work since they have to share a number of document within and outside the department. He said Precurio's Document Sharing, has helped him not to worry about his mail box becoming full due to the number of documents; previously shared through emails as all he receives is a link to the document(s).

Another feature is the Tasks and My Team. This feature is very useful in that it has helped me organise Task Teams into Teamrooms where they are able to share documents and exchange notes related to the task they are working on.

The Executive Committee (ExCo) Team go to the meeting without hard copies of reports as they are able to simply login and access the documents they need in the meeting. These documents by the way are secured with restricted access (username and password).

There are a number of useful features in the Precurio Intranet. The features speaks to the Precurio's Statement ("An Intranet solution that is affordable, easy to deploy, and just works").
I dont want to talk about the price and easy of deployment because it is as mentioned here

Above all the the support from their support team will make you feel most welcomed.

Frackson Hector LUBINGU
IT Manager
Energy Regulation Board (Zambia)

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Precurio used as our primary corporate intranet solution

Positive Review by patricktanner
about Precurio Jun 2016

Works very Well!

Our company of 10 location and 300+ people deployed this solution for company intranet about 8 months ago . so this will be used as a followup review as well!.

we could not be more happier with the customer service and the product.. its easy to setup and is super easy to use once its deployed, no bugs , errors or any jive like that, .. It makes filling our forms and sharing company data very streamline!.. i would highly recommend using this product over some of the more pricey ones! .. give it a shot! . .

Patrick Tanner - CIO

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