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Indispensable Appli pour Windows Phone

Positive Review by Amely2904
about PopFax Aug 2015

A mon avis la vie actuelle sans les applis est impossible. Elles nous offrent plein de possibilités. C'est pourquoi on a annoncé le lancement de l'application PopCompanion pour les téléphones Windows.
L'application fonctionne en mode hors ligne permettant de créer, modifier et supprimer des dossiers, transférer les fax vers d'autres dossiers, gérer les contacts et les groupes, envoyer des fax et des SMS par le biais de PopCompanion.

L'application peut être testée absolument gratuitement pendant 7 jours, sans aucune obligation d’achat ultérieur. L'essai fax gratuit dispose de toutes les fonctionnalités.


excellent service!

Review by nicolejefferson
about PopFax Dec 2014

I am a Popfax user, and recently i installed their mobile version on my iPhone, and I was amazed how great it is. I have all my faxes on the go and i am not worried any more that i am not in the office and i have to send a fax, i can do it everywhere from my phone.


greate service!

Review by daveblack
about PopFax Dec 2014

I switched to Popfax recently and i am very satisfied with the service, it works great from PC and also from my smartphone, i can send and receive faxes everywhere directly on my phone. Great Costumer service as well


A good service with a convenient price.

Positive Review by giuly12
about PopFax Dec 2014

I used this service for one year and sincerely for me was the best options. Yes, is not free but for the money I pay I receive a qualitative and fast service. Offers a lot of features like fax via email, digital signature, OCR and other which help me to save a lot of time at work.

Thanks to the mobile application I can manage my fax comunication not only from my computer but also using my ipad and iphone.


easy online fax signature

Positive Review by hectordelgado
about PopFax Nov 2014

I have been using Popfax for quite a while, and I am totally satisfied with their services, I send faxes directly from my iPhone, and with their offline mood I can write all my faxes in the underground and send them as soon as get mobile connection, and signing the faxes online has never been so easy. Great Service!


Comfortable, easy, reliable

Positive Review by Viksn
about PopFax May 2012

I've switched to Popfax from another provider and had no chanse to spare about it. This is a reliable and cheap service - I even took a package that is a liitle bigger than I need.
The most I like that they never satisfy with what they have - they always invent some new offers or something like this. I was really happy when they made a mobile application and now I mostly use it.
When I have a possibility, I recommend Popfax to my acquaintances.


Really satisfied with popfax.com

Positive Review by rifusw
about PopFax May 2012

They offer a very decent [Internet fax](http://www.popfax.com/Internet%20fax%20home.html ) service. The sending tariffs are the lowest among all fax services that I have tried. Additionally, they offer free and unlimited reception and provide local fax numbers in more than 20 countries.