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Negative Review by tvgoing1
about Pocket Nov 2016

I tested the software in many websites and the result was bad. Let me start by saying that Pocket app will contain ads covering your browser, you are better off using normal browser bookmark than this junk. Now let me tell you what happen:

1) you need to sign-up, they will not let you use it without agreeing to their TOS. I believe they collect data and sell it to 3th parties but who knows, I haven't read the TOS.

2) Youtube videos are links, yep like a real bookmark it just saves the link.

3) webpages are links too, it was never designed to capture everything it seems. Plus you are better off using a screenshot than this horrible app.

4) no offline use, everything is in a link so don't expect offline use.

5) ads are awful, my "new tab" was covered with ads and leaving me with 4 browser bookmark pages. The google chrome extension and their page are fill with ads.

7) news articles are only text like Instapaper.

8) Does not save pictures, should have already known that by now.

9) Games are links, no you cant play flash games offline.

10) Instapaper is better than this.