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simple ticket tracking tool

by chrichard
about PMRobot · Jul 2012 ·

PMRobot offered us the simple ticket tracking solution that we were looking for. While the application can do more, we adopted it because of this basic feature, which everybody in the company could quickly get used to.


PMRobot Review

about PMRobot · ·

Up until a few weeks ago, my partner and I have been using email + calendar + basecamp as our "project management solution". It was fine, we never ran into issues, but I guess we also never realized that there might be a better way. We found PMRobot on and thought we would give it a try.

It's a new app, there's no doubt there, but for a new piece of software, it seems to be pretty well evolved and the team at is very responsive in terms of dealing with both feature requests and bug reports. There have been a few minor things that I have noticed and it seems that they are doing either daily or weekly releases on the software to take care of issues that users report.

Overall, it's been an interesting tool to use as it has certainly freed up a bit of our billable time to work on more client-facing work. We've been using the 1 project free trial until now but are considering upgrading to a paid account in the next week or two and using it across multiple projects.

The highlight has been the ability to let our clients access our own project management tool (restricted access of course) saving us from having to copy and paste email information from the client into our own tool / task list. There's a few kinks to work out in the flow of information, but overall, it shows some potential.