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plist Editor

Reads and writes both text and binary .plist files.

  • Windows
    Windows XP and later

plist Editor software can open, edit and save .plist file on Windows. It is useful for people who want to customize their iPod Touch or iPhone on a PC.

It is directed both to software developers and to end users who like to have full access plist files under Windows system.

Key feature of plist Editor Pro More Info »

* Reading and edit both of XML format and binary format of plist files.
* View and edit plist file in XML text mode.
* View plist file in property list mode, like the default plist Editor in Mac OS.
* In list mode, you can double click a DATA property, the program will decode the data and open with built-in plist Editor/Text Editor/Hex Editor/Image Viewer/Database Viewer, according to its content.
* Search/Replace, Undo/Redo, Syntex Highlight, Bookmark, Print and more.
* Check plist syntex before saving to disk.
* Easy to use, skinable user interface. More Info »

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