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Plesk Onyx is the best ever version released! 4 Helpful

Positive Review by endywarrir
about Plesk 10 days ago

I'm using Plesk starting from 10.4 - it was not so great honestly. But things changed. Starting from 12.0 Plesk became very stable and Plesk Onyx is a WOW: Docker, Git, fail2ban, Let's Encrypt - all this staff helps me a lot to simplify server administration tasks.

Thank you Plesk for such a good job!


Using Plesk panel for ~8 years 4 Helpful

Positive Review by adrianTNT
about Plesk Jun 2015

The panel is very reliable in my opinion, I never needed any other features than what it has now.
It has nice styling and a good user interface.
Nice monitoring tools like "Health Monitor" that will show you what is happening on the server and what might slow it down. You will see CPU and memory usage separated by services (MySQL, Apache, etc).
Price seems to be much lower than cPanel, at least at my host and this is for Dedicated server, for VPS it is usually even lower.