Planday Reviews

Superior product and customer service

Positive Review by Sconda
about Planday Apr 2016

We are a NYC-based retailer with 30 staff. We previously used When I Work for our scheduling but eventually our needs outgrew what their system could provide. We tried Planday for free and immediately found it to be better suited for our business' needs. The ability to specify salaries and skill sets made it easy to find suitable replacements instantly. I can't say enough about their customer service team who were always available to help in setting everything up and operating from day one.


PLANDAY! Staff Scheduling Has Been Made Easier for My Family Business

Positive Review by BubDog
about Planday Mar 2016

Many people like to use free online employee scheduling software to determine whether or not the tool would meet their needs. I can say I am one of those people. Since I started using Planday, I have never even thought of using another software to handle the staff scheduling needs of my family business.
Planday is the easiest ways to save time with employee scheduling because it helps you to manage employee data easily. My parents now love this software, especially as it can be accessed through any device with a internet connection, and a free mobile application can be downloaded for iPhones, Android and other mobile devices to you manage schedules anytime. All our over 40 employees can access their schedules through the app. That's a huge plus!

My dad really loves Planday because the work schedule software enables him to easily communicate with the employees through text messages. He can send important announcements, for example about change in shifts, or let all the employees know when shifts will open. This great feature of Planday allows him to get last minute shifts covered; maintain contact with all employees at all times; not to have to track employees down; and provides less admin time overall for managers.

Planday is the staff scheduling app with many advanced features you might expect in a suite for managing human resources, such as a time clock for your employees. The software makes it possible incorporating information for payroll handling, even on the go. I can export total hours and wages for easy payroll, thus sending payroll to the payment system for easy processing. This has saved us a lot of time and admin hours to get the paychecks right.