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A great website creator/editor app

about Pinegrow Web Editor · ·

Pinegrow is truly a gem: it will open and edit HTML/CSS, and it won't save your website in a proprietary format. It can even open any online site and make it instantly editable.

While there's a lot of tools out there (mostly cloud solutions) I prefer to have a desktop app, so I can do all my work locally and then publish to the web.
Pinegrow is also developed very frequently, the latest version (2.93) added a full CMS feature to static sites!

I'm not even close to a front-end dev, so I'm using its visual tools to create and edit my personal and business sites, while slowly using it as the main tool to learn to code, along Youtube videos about Bootstrap, CSS and such. I can even make my first Wordpress theme, all by myself!

Pinegrow is way better and affordable than Dreamweaver, and it gives me a lot of tools and freedom than using just an IDE.


A great tool on many levels

about Pinegrow Web Editor · ·

I was first attracted to this tool as a way to analyse an existing site to see how someone had created an effect (or my own sites to see how to improve on the look!) Later on, they added a WordPress theme editor, which I used to learn about WordPress themes and to create my first one. I'm still finding new uses for it, and the developers are still adding features faster than I can find uses for them.

There's also a great user community available for help and advice.


An awesome little known tool

about Pinegrow Web Editor · ·

I'm impressed with this application, it helps me with editing Bootstrap markup visually and is very reasonably priced. They have lots of help/tutorial videos too, enabling you to increase productivity rapidly.

The fact that you can even enter a remote URL and edit the page and then save locally is unique and very useful.

The only thing it can't do is deal with dynamic JSP pages or HandlebarsJS templates, but this would realistically be very difficult for anyone to achieve, but, if Pinegrow could manage this then it would be the most amazing tool, ever, even if it meant you had to teach it some dummy data to use for each template to render. Please consider this a feature request!!

This is far better than the old days of Dreamweaver, or editing in Netbeans and refreshing the browser to see how it looks. They also support multi-view renderings of desktop, tablet and browser at the same time, so you can see how your responsive designs work at design time - Amazing!

Well done Pinegrow - a very happy customer!