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by mohammadghasemi
about Pidgin · Jul 2015 ·

Formerly known as Gaim


Super... but no VoIP.. so useless

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Excellent client. Interface .. well.. ugly but a lot of plugins. Only problem is that there is no Skype support (Skypekit, hello?) and not even standard VoIP via SIP. So for me it's totally useless.


Nice software. Voice messaging is a great feature

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Nice software. Voice messaging is a great feature that must be included in every instant messaging software. Due to its absence most of people are forced to run Skype simultaneously.

Moreover it happens too offen to me that i need not only voice chat but also ability to remote control PC or show my desktop to explain person some tech details or make a presentation.

For this purpose I use Ammyy Admin
or TeamViewer.

The first works without installation and registration, the latter seems to have more features but has certain non-commercial limitations which annoy a lot.

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I would suggest it to anyone.

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Very clean interface, low memory footprint (10-20K for 4 different clients), able to add spellchecker, nice features and addons and cross platform.

I would suggest it to anyone.

The only real downside to pidgin is that as of 2.6.3 there is no (or little if you are on linux) support for video / voice chat and sometimes file transfer is slow. Those should be cleared up though.