PicPick Reviews

Multiple Snapshots

Review by wilbert
about PicPick Jan 2015

I really struggled to find a simple tool that would allow me to capture multiple screenshots without having to save them first and without having to copy/paste to another editor - PicPick is a gem - and quite easy to use


Great SnagIt clone

Positive Review by Anamon
about PicPick Aug 2012

It's a great tool providing a lot of advanced functionality including auto-scrolling capture, many different output methods, a nice editor for post-processing and good customizability. In terms of structure and usage it is very close to the popular SnagIt software, but it's free for non-commercial use, which is a big plus. It is very useful for power users in that it has good support for taking multiple screenshot in series and have them appear when and where you want to have them (such as tabbed in the included editor, or stored to disk using a customizable filename mask). So its commercial license is definitely also a good alternative for professional users, considering it is really quite cheap.

I have found this tool looking for an alternative to SnagIt, and was very pleased that it supports all the important functions I grew used to while being much more light-weight and clean. Out of all screenshot tools presented on this site at this moment, PicPick is the one I would be most likely to recommend to others.


TABs you forgot to highlight

Positive Review by RobCr
about PicPick Jun 2012

One tremendous advantage that PicPick has over the competition is Tabs.
You can do a series of captures (I just mean a few separate captures), and carry on doing what you were doing.
Later when you have the time, all your captures are waiting for you in Tabs (in the editor), waiting for you to do any editing, and then naming them for saving.
Once you have been spoiled with that capability, it is near IMPOSSIBLE to go back to capture programs, THAT LACK TABS