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Pretty much indispensible resource

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I used it for about a year

Its used in the medical industry for a good reason, because its robust, reliable, and intuitive to use.
Its currently free for nonprofessional / personal use as well

You can activate keys two ways:

  • word key activation
  • Shortcutkey activation

Examples of things I use with it

  • Press a hotkey, automatically open up my favorite site in new tab
  • Automatically press a set of keys when a keyword is reached
  • Automatically create an email signature when i type in my initial with # at end
  • Create unicode symbols when i press a key like "lt#" which creates a lightning symbol

You can use it with more common things like translating "lol" as "laugh out loud" but I highly suggest not doing that as it makes it error prone to accidentally mistyping things

instead, end hotkey activations with #

I use this with a program called to organize information.

You can read my short guide here:

as well as a sample .pxb file with many useful settings inside of there as well

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Comment by shoikana
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Easy-to-use interface which allows links in the expanded text. Good customer service!


Most flexible text expander out there. So many options.

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Works with most software without any issues.

Go into expert mode and you have plenty of ways to customize how the product works and how it interacts with the system.

You can set timing on various expansion options, and character counts for how many characters before it auto-suggests phrases, as well as changing hotkeys to your liking.

I use it at my home office and in my warehouse office. It's great to have it access a phrase file on Google Drive and that file is kept in sync. Works with other cloud sync services as well.

Occasionally I bump into things that I want it to do, going beyond text expansion, and I do find the documentation doesn't often have good explanations beyond the basics. The documentation in places just echos what the label on the options is, but doesn't always explain the why, when, or how to make effective use of some of the features/options. So if you're pushing the bounds of its functionality, you will have to resort to some trial and error at times if the documentation doesn't provide clarity.

This is free for personal use. Which is great for those who don't have a budget for software (students for example), but with the clever feature that let's you specify what your hourly rate is, and how it detects what your typing speed is, and then calculating an actual savings that its text replacement is saving you, you will quickly see how much it's going to save you.

I also believe in supporting great software so that we can see it maintained, updated, and supported into the future. I purchased a 5-year license. If you are using this for work, some personal endeavor and it's saving you lots of time, then you really should get a license and support it.


Review section poisoned with fake review by competitor?

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3 ½ years of silence and suddenly, a review “The worst software experience I ever had” has been posted here in April 2016.

Strangely, it’s a ancient 2013 review, copied from the German website

Who would have interest to recycle a 3 years old fake(?) review?

Let’s see, what else this “reviewer” has to say.

Ah, there we have it. As "michabmichab" recycled the derogatory “PhraseExpress” review, he praises competitor “PhraseExpander” at exactly the same time.

Now let’s check other reviews for this competitor “PhraseExpander”:

Bingo! Between 2012 and 2014, competitor “PhraseExpander” just got a few reviews, followed by total silence over years!

But then suddenly: Stunning BLASTS of ridiculously exagerated glowing reviews (“lifesaver”, “can’t do without”, “I am useless without”).

Those “PhraseExpander” “reviews” coincidentally peaked at the very same time, as one of the “reviewer” tried to destroy the reputation of “PhraseExpress” here.

Most of the “PhraseExpander reviewers” registered their account just to post their single review: paulhirst, darlin, markligthart, tiff, teresagrall, leonieke, bob180, todd-alternativeto. The list could go on and on. Registered, reviewed, left forever since.

Sniff.... Sniff.... Paid online reputation management by competitor “PhraseExpander”?



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Phrase Express is Awesome

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I came across Phrase Express as a recommendation from a friend, and I have to say it is an amazingly simple idea executed beautifully. At it's heart, this software is basically an autocorrect on steroids.

Everyone has seen how Microsoft Word can auto correct simple mistakes you make while typing. Things like not capitalising the first letter of your sentence. Forgetting to put the apostrophe in words like don't. Writing everytime instead of every time. Phrase Express basically applies those same simple rules to every single application you use. Whether you use Notepad, Skype, Internet Explorer - no matter what application it is, Phrase Express can correct all your mistakes.

This however, is just a small part of what this program can do. It does so much more than that. You can have macros that automatically insert the current date and time, you have the ability to start programs. One of the best abilities I love, is the ability to create your own phrases. So instead of writing in my humble opinion, I can just write "imho" and it automatically changes it to the full phrase. The time savings of this program are amazing.

Phrase Express comes with a built in phrases that it automatically corrects for you. The list is very long and it is really really helpful when you have to type quickly in an Instant Message to have it auto correct your mistakes.

Before you try any other program, try Phrase Express and see what you think.


Been thru the entire list (almost) and this WINS

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Can not say enough about this software. It delivers big time. and every time I need a utility to do something with data, I always review Phrase Express 1st and sure enough, can do that to. I downloaded it for a clipboard replacement.. and, crap, it does so much more!!!

Best way to start is their video... newfeatures/pex8newfeatures.html

Shows you much of what it can do... Keep up the GREAT work!!


Simple yet powerful Text Expander for Windows.

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I am a software developer, so I get to type a lot of code during a day. I've been looking for a good text expander for Windows for some time now and tried different ones but didn't really like any of them. However, once I came across PhraseExpress, I realized that my search is over. It is exactly what I wanted. PhraseExpress is simple yet powerful and user friendly text expander, with lots of nice features. Support is great too, by the way and you can check it in their forums!