PhraseExpander Reviews

Does the Job

Review by keithjackson
about PhraseExpander Sep 2016

I'm a geezer from the days when men were not expected to type, so I never learned how to do it properly. Then halfway through my accounting career came the personal computer and suddenly I was expected to type, type, type mpst of the day! For years I depended on a nice little utility called RoboType. Not only is RoboType no longer available, but Windows 10 rendered it inoperable - like some other software I could name, it opens but doesn't allow you to do any work (thanks a bunch, Microsoft). I searched desperately for a replacement, tried several and settled on PhraseExpander. One thing I like about PhraseExpander is that while it has sophisticated capabilities, you can choose to keep it simple.

The only thing on my wish list would be the ability to import phrases and abbreviations from my RoboType database.


Worth It

Positive Review by dhyogoazevedo
about PhraseExpander Sep 2016

worth all money you invest in thes app! thats easy way to work faster and reliable!
Thats awesome app! I was looking for a long time ago! ;)
Great Andrea! Keep getting this better ;)


Review of PhraseExpander

Positive Review by lizsalak
about PhraseExpander Jul 2016

I’d like to thank the editor who recommended this software to me, but I can’t remember who it was! In any event, what a time saver!

I edit a lot of very technical material, much of it written by nonnative speakers of English, so I have to send a lot of queries to the authors. Although the substance of the query is unique, the introductory, explanatory information is boilerplate. Yes, I could have the boilerplate saved somewhere and paste it in (via Word’s Quick Parts, for example), but a great characteristic of this tool is that it works everywhere. I can type in the abbreviation I’ve assigned to my text, and the text will type itself into Word, Excel, Gmail, etc.

I have only begun to scrape the surface of what this tool can do, and look forward to getting it to help me become more efficient in many other ways.
The customer support for PhraseExpander is phenomenal: it is fast and personalized. There is a genuine interest in ensuring that the tool meets the user’s needs.

This is not a phony review as a previous poster suggested about some other postings. I am a real editor who really uses PhraseExpander.


Blasts of fake reviews here? 2 Helpful

Negative Review by sam-wilkins
about PhraseExpander Jul 2016

Between 2012 and 2014, “PhraseExpander” just got very few reviews here, followed by even total silence over years.

But then suddenly since 2016: Stunning BLASTS of ridiculously exagerated glowing reviews (“lifesaver”, “can’t do without”, “I am useless without”).

Most of the “PhraseExpander reviewers” registered their account just to post their single review: paulhirst, darlin, markligthart, tiff, teresagrall, leonieke, bob180, todd-alternativeto. The list could go on and on. Registered, reviewed, left forever since.

Sniff.... Sniff.... Paid online reputation management by “PhraseExpander”?

Come on, even top A-list titles don't get this attention.


Best text expander software for Windows!

Positive Review by singularity
about PhraseExpander Jun 2016

I have tried many tools. PhraseExpander is the most complete , feature rich text expander , doubt. Actively developed, with a slick user interface and user friendliness , PhraseExpander works at everything you throw at it. Browsers, Text Editors, eMail clients, IDEs what not. PhraseExpander works really well with my text and html templates with variables entries . It is a great tool for a coder with lots of repetitive tasks, for coding as well as customer care.
Well done!


Great tool for saving time

Positive Review by ecoastpro
about PhraseExpander Jun 2016

I have been using PhraseExpander for about a year or so. It is an amazing tool, but the support is really what sets this product apart in my mind. Andrea is a hands on developer and really does care about his customers. He has helped me many times and offered solutions to my challenges. I could not be more happy with this product and it saves me so much time each day!


A great tool for programming, too

Positive Review by davenull
about PhraseExpander Apr 2016

I'm a software developer and use PhraseExpander for various tasks. It makes inserting complicated code patterns easy, fast and error free. The interface is clean, intuitive and easy to learn. And the software is actively developed. It's not unusual that programs get bulky and start to accumulate unneeded features as they mature. Luckily this is not the case with PhraseExpander. Features are well thought out and useful. No dead freight here. Just great piece of software.


PhraseExpander Comments

Positive Review by Bob180
about PhraseExpander Apr 2016

I use PhraseExpander inalmost everything I write, from expanding initialisms (my most common task) to custom email footers. I use a lot of initialisms and other abbreviations in my work, and PhraseExpander makes it easy to speel these out to be clear even to the less familiar readers.


An essential utility that everyone should have

Review by markbull
about PhraseExpander Apr 2016

I use phrase expander and can honestly say it has improved my productivity massively. As well as using it for obvious things like entering my email address, company address and so on I also have boiler plate items that save me so much time and ensure it is consistent and error-free every time. A truly amazing piece of software that nobody should be without.


Just awesome

Positive Review by DJPRMF
about PhraseExpander Mar 2016

Really, there is no other word to describe this software: Awesome!
Saves a lot of time during the day, and also help sending more professional text without errors.

5 stars!

[Edited by DJPRMF, March 27]


Life Saver!

Positive Review by SweetMama
about PhraseExpander Mar 2016

I can do most of my computer work in a breeze. I type with my feet. so I needed Something that would make my life easier. I can save school notes templates so all I have to do is press 3 keys & fill in the blanks & I'm done!


Surprise Surprise

Positive Review by todd.alternativeto
about PhraseExpander Mar 2016

When I initially came across this program I thought to myself that's just really something that people don't really need; it's just lazy. I'm a good typist so it would probably take longer to figure out how to make it work than I'd ever get out of it.

Boy was I wrong. When I finally gave in and started to learn how to use it I found it to be one of the most user friendly programs for phrase expansion I could find. I especially like that you get the reminder hints right where you are typing so you're immediately reminded of particular expansions you may have created. The only downside I found was it can become too useful and you might try to store more than your brain can possible recall to cue up the hint box. The more you can restrict your expansion requirements to the really useful ones the better or maybe I should say the more it becomes a help rather than a hindrance.

If you're smart about creating your hints and if you create a standardization from the start it makes it that much more useful because you've made it easy to recall those hints. Even if you don't get it right from the start it's very easy to go back and edit every hotkey or every hint to add that structure once you've figured out how it works best for you.

After I found out how it functioned best for me I realized that I did waste a lot of time filling out repetitive information. I find I use it a good bit to remember account type info. All that personal info that sometimes we remember and other times we don't or if you're like some of my friends and have 50 different credit cards you can easily give them names instead of having to run to get your wallet or purse.

I find I use it a lot for filling out contest info that's the same stuff over and over just on different sites.

But the real value for me is to save my opinions on political issues. It used to be I'd write the occasional Letter to the Editor to what was two local papers. But opinion is every where on almost every site these days. We deal more with opinion than we do with facts some times or maybe most times. Instead of having to rewrite my opinion and rethink the wording I've learned to save my opinions into PhraseExpander allowing me to keep a consistent wording and also update my opinion as others may make me rethink my position. The bottom line is I don't have to rethink it from the top to the bottom saving me countless hours.


Very useful- use it daily

Positive Review by marypugh
about PhraseExpander Mar 2016

As the Top Justice of the Peace in CT (also perform weddings in NY), I have clients that require a lot of information.

I use Phrase-Expander to provide information, quickly. The letters are typically very similar, so I use phrase-expander as the base letter, and the time I save can be put to good use, customizing the communication. Plus my couples get quick responses.

Very Happy with the program. I need to learn more of the features, but what I do use now...pays for the program.


Can't go without anymore

Positive Review by alexschriewer
about PhraseExpander Mar 2016

I am using PhraseExpander for a couple of years now. It has become such an integral part of my work, that it is always one of the first programs to install when I get a new computer. It makes my life easier in many aspects of my (computer) life.

As a writer of scientific literature, I use it to help me complete long chemical names and standard phrases.
For my websites, it adds repeating HTML codes and shortcodes with a tap of a few keys.
At work, I deal with a deeply nested folder structure and hotkeys help me to access the most important ones without the otherwise needed mouse click marathon. I have also used it to write macros for data entry to save me hours of tedious copy-paste routine.

At last, I am so used to seamlessly type the many standard email fragments with just a few letters, that I was surprised to not see "kra" expand to "Kind regards, Alex" [plus signature] when I was using a friends computer.

The more you use PhraseExpander, the more uses you'll find to save time. And it is not only about time, using phrases and auto-correct libraries save you from a lot of typos and thus help you deliver better work.