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PhraseExpander is great for transcriptionists

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I love PhraseExpander. I used to use aText on my Mac for expanding text, but when I switched to a Windows computer, I had to look for something else. PhraseExpander is great for when a long drug name comes up over and over again. I can just program it into my phrases and then it's just two letters and a shift key. I really don't know how I did without it before.

And anytime I find myself making the same typing mistake over and over I just program PhraseExpander to fix it for me instantly. I'd recommend it for anyone doing any repetitive typing.


Phrase Express has smart complete in the free version

by Connoris
about PhraseExpander and PhraseExpress · May 2014 ·

I got a license from GAOTD and came here on request of the Phrase Expander maker.

Not sure why he wants to check out alternatives but I did and stumbled across the similarly named "Phrase Express".

Well. Phrase Expander lost me within less a day because Phrase Express has the smart complete feature at no cost - Phrase Expander wants to take $160 for the same.