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PhraseExander Great Software - Great Customer Service

Positive Comment by markleipold about PhraseExpander Mar 2016

This is great piece of software that helps me get a lot done in a short period of time. Moreover, Andrea Nagar does a great job addressing issues in the software. He is always improving it.


Andrea is very helpful

Positive Comment by AbdulRahiem about PhraseExpander Mar 2016

After comparing various such utilities, also free ones from companies I have bought other software from, e.g. "ShareMouse', I found this to be most complete one. It works inside Trados, very useful for project-specific 'placeables', it works inside GeneWeb, very useful for always getting geographic locations correct, and, perhaps more importantly, there is no need for continuously changing keyboard input method, when needing to write short, standard phrases in Arabic.
Well done, Andrea!


PhraseExpander is great

Positive Comment by Balagan about PhraseExpander Mar 2016

How many times a day do you type the same
words, sentences or full paragraphs on your text processor?
Words such as "Hello", "This refers to your letter
(or e-mail)", "Best regards", your name (or the name of
your company) with full address and phone number,
the current date etc..? Or even much, much longer texts.
It's about time you realize that you are working on a
computer not on an old typewriter. And computers
can do so much more... Provided they are equiped with
the proper software.
Build your own abbreviations in no time. Each time
you will type in the abbreviation, the full text will
pop up.
I have been using PhraseExpander for more than a year
and it saves me lots of efforts and time.

Sur une simple option au menu, votre PhraseExpander
sera en Français.
Mit eine einfache Wahl auf das Menu, wird Ihr PhraseExpander
in Deutsch sein.


Phrase Expander is Integral to my business Success

Positive Comment by sethfischer about PhraseExpander Mar 2016

Phrase Expander does more than just plain text, but allows me to somewhat automate a ton of email responses that include links to various products I sell. Without Phrase Expander, I can't imaging having the success I do.

It's always improving and the math function is great as well.


I'm happy with Phrase Expander

Positive Comment by Ekaterina about PhraseExpander Feb 2016

It has saved me a lot of time, and it works with all the programs I have. :)


Great product, Great service

Comment by markligthart about PhraseExpander Feb 2016

I am a satisfied Dutch customer. I use PhraseExpander more than 1 year. The service is superb and professional! When I have questions i get answers the same day. Great timesaving and quality adding software for my business! Cheap is great but service and quality helps me to grow my business easy and save! Thanks Andrea Nagar and your team!


Phrase Expander

Positive Comment by bcanz about PhraseExpander Feb 2016

You get it. Then you have got it. Use it. Saves you heaps of time. And money.


Great piece of software and very good support

Comment by davidortiz about PhraseExpander Feb 2016

I am a happy user. At first thought it was expensive but it has already paid for itself. I find myself using it all day every day. I write a lot of emails and fill out a lot of forms on the internet. Their implementation is very clever and useful. I have added lots of phrases and the best part is I don't have to remember which one. Just start typing and the list of choices come up to choose from. It is a great business tool and I highly recommend it.


Clone of the freeware Instaphrase

Negative Comment by Tenesseerules about PhraseExpander and WordExpander, Nov 2011

Strange, this PhraseExpander looks like a total clone of the freeware Instaphrases. Check it out here Small WordExpander iconWordExpander and see for yourself.

Why would anyone copy and sell something for an insane $140 bucks while there is a freeware doing the same?

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Gunnar Bartels is declared as the author of InstaPhrase and Gunnar Bartels is also the author of PhraseExpress. Why does he compete his own product?


Hey folks, InstaPhrase is far away from being vaporware. We just had to change the name. Download WordExpander from - Enjoy!


So which is the original and which is the fake? Or is one a clone?


phrase expander is bigger, more sophisticated
the pro version with smart complete is best feature of all programs of this kind, because you dont have to write correctly the short, you put a trigger like "1" then a part of your word you want, it will suggest and show all avaliable options
plus works in most programs (adobe air based programs may be the exception)
also the automation has more options
this 3 reasons plus the easy interface makes this best choice
i was lucky to get the pro in a giweavay


Unlike Texter and PhraseExpress, Direct Access does text ex ...

Comment by AzulmArinO about PhraseExpander May 2011

Unlike Texter and PhraseExpress, Direct Access does text expansion/replacement by pasting instead of typing. This is great for people having sounds assigned to keyboard events via programs like Ksound, because instead of playing a miriad of key stroke sounds in rapid succesion upon expansion, Direct Access just plays one clean key stroke :-)


Wrong. PhraseExpress also offers this quick paste method and it is FREE for personal use.

Check out their manual:

PhraseExpress is MUCH better than DirectAccess.