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Latest version loaded with adware

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I used to really like this program, I thought it was great, but then I updated to the latest version, and it has this nasty little piece of adware in it called "roll around" the sounds innocent enough (though there is nothing mentioned about it in the install, and yes I do custom installation, and read everything in the agreements and everything else, I'm Linux programer, so I'm not stupid when it comes to these things), but as soon as you open your web browser, you're slammed with so many pop-overs, pop-unders, ads "rolling in" all over the screen, it's ridiculous.
I say stay away from this one, as far as you can!

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Well, I didn't have that adware installed when I updated photoscape.


Great APP

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I dont know how, but the result of photo editing with this tool it's just awesome.
Awesome app for a newbie like me.
Photoscape makes photo editing looks so easy!


own format plz

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Amazing program but it lacks most important feature: saving projects in own data format :(


If you like Photoscape's multiple-photo layouts, your next ...

Comment by orblio
about Photoscape · Jun 2011 ·

If you like Photoscape's multiple-photo layouts, your next step should be FotoFusion.


Photoscape: best free & most professional photo-editing app

about Photoscape and Paint.NET, Pixlr, Adobe Photoshop Express · ·

Photoscape is in my opinion the best free and most professional photo-editing application, which I know.
If I want to select and to move a text object and change the font size in pictures I have best experience with PhotoScape. Beside many other very useful features you can perfectly select, move and manipulate text objects. This and the framing of text fields is a problem for many other free photo-editing software products as, Pixlr, Adobe Photoshop Express, GimpShop or IrfanView. My recommendation for this purpose (e.g. commenting of screenshots) and especially for the professional framing and renaming of large series of photos is Photoscape.