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about Photopea · Jul 2017 ·

It is a free alternative to Photoshop with excellent PSD support!

Comment by christianbarringer
about Photopea · Jul 2017 ·

It's Photoshop in a browser! Who wouldn't love that!
It's well designed, and feels familiar to Photoshop users.
All around love


Photpea - awesome

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I love Photoshop and all that it offers! But it is expensive and a RAM hog.

Photopea is amazing. Comprehensive and effective.

It offers extensive compatibility with PSD files, which is awesome. It offers layers and and multiple layers properties and their configurations.

It has an exhaustive number of tools. They're great and work well.

It may not be full fledged Photoshop but is is comparable. It can do a whole lot and it does that well.

The author of Photopea is great. He is not only good at design but is careful to listen to requests to improve Photopea.

I have sent in several requests for additional features and my requests were heard and implemented! How awesome is that!

Photpea - 10/10

Try it out!


I'm pretty sure, that it's better, faster and comfortable online photo editor.

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I like it.


Awesome photoshop alternative

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Graphic editor like Photoshop in browser? It´s a dream! Now my dream is reality. Long-time problem with Photoshop on linux is on the end! Try Photopea and share they. Future is in javascript.