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Serious alternative to photoshop

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I started using it thanks to the 30 day trial period and it's reallly a serious alternative to photoshop.
I'm able to use my photoshop plugins (nik, topaz, magicfocus), they are well integrated within the application !
Moreover, it can handle layers, 16 bits ... (I don't know the exact list of features as I don't use all of them but it's really powerful. I find it more powerful than Gimp as a ps alternative!
Sometimes, the english translation of german words (as the developers are germans) are a bit strange and it takes some time to get used to but I think it's worth the effort.

So, check it yourself seriously and I don't think you'll be disappointed !


Excellent imager

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As a web developer, Photoline completely replaced Photoshop for me.


Perfect all-in-one image editing (vector, pixel & text/DTP) software for the rest of us

It is probably even powerful enough to compete with Photoshop for some tasks but I mainly use it to design flyers, brochures and greeting cards to print. All this in one app as Photoline handles vector graphics, photos and text beautifully at the same time.

The interface can be daunting at first but once you get used to it (which is quite fast!) everything works smoothly.

All this together with the very good support directly from the developers and in the forum and the low price tag, Photoline is a definitive recommendation for everyone in need of an image editing software (or even a desktop publishing one as it can handle this as well).