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Sucks. Even with my hot Graphic and Gaming machine, photobucket moves like a 14 k modem. Glitches galore, broken links, and they have violated my personal rights by censoring me saying some Non sexual, NON racist, no social commentary images, were not fit to be on photobucket. Censorship? Yes, what was the image that was the 'violation? I took a picture of a rock with ancient Aramaic script. Just a rock with 4 thousand year old scripting Wow. offensive? they did that four times with images non political, non abusive, no ethnic issues.. So with that, and the bad technical performance, Photobucket sucks.


Poor stability, Poor Customer Service & too Expensive

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I used photobucket for about a decade. Most of the time I was a paid subscriber to assure safe hosting/linking of my images.
That said, please heed my warning: Don't use Photobucket!

The site is unstable. Breaks and glitches happen all the time. Features work as they should maybe half of the time. Most of the "contact support" links are actually broken so you can't tell support things are broken. Being a paid subscriber means nothing: you get the same problems as everyone else.

Customer service is unresponsive and has been for over a year now. It takes weeks to see a reply if you get one at all.

On top of it all they changed the TOS without a clear warning. The warning was buried in a wall of legaleese text behind a link in a newsletter that didn't say what was changing. If the link worked you were stuck with an ad that wouldn't scroll or close (those glitches again!) blocking the area that said they were turning hotlinking off and replacing your images with an "upgrade" message.

All accounts, even previously paid accounts, can't hotlink unless they pay $40 a month. That's way too expensive. Many other sites allow this for free or charge maybe $40 a year.

Once they were good. I was happy to subscribe. Then they were just OK. The last two years they were questionable, but worked. Now it's just plain bad.

Don't use photbucket.