Photo Objects Eraser

Commercial by Evgeniya Vazenmiller & Timofey Sherudilo |

Photo Objects Eraser (formerly Inpaint Tool) is inteded for image retouching or for removing unwanted objects from the photo. It can be used to retouch scratches, wires or damaged boards in your photos. It's able to complete missing edges in panoramic photos.

Photo Objects Eraser reviews

Photo Objects Eraser Reviews

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Better than InPaint

Positive Review by Venom88 about Photo Objects Eraser Also mentioning: Inpaint Mar 2012

I tried to retouch a photo with Photo Object Eraser and InPaint: POEraser gave the best result :)

The first try is never perfect for any of these programs, but while Inpaint remains imperfect with next attempts, POEraser get much better!

Moreover with Photo Object Eraser you can select with the pen tool a source area so the program will take the patches from it for the retouching. If you don't use the pen tool, the program takes all adjacent area for the retouching.