Flexera Software Personal Software Inspector Reviews


sorry to say but only the name changed...impossioble to load. shortly....does not work.........


Great Programme When It Works

Secunia PSI 3.0 is a fantastic programme when it works. It will scan your PC and update all your applications. The problem is that this programme has issues. It will not load. I hope the programmers get it fixed.


I like it - WAY too slow

It takes over and hour to run Secunia and I using 40 percent of my hard drive and I don't have that many programs to scan.


Secunia PSI

I loved the software when I was using windows 7-8.1 but I kind of want something different because it wants windows update but it will not accept the windows update for windows 10 technical preview


I used to love this application, but not anymore

I started with PSI 1.x and loved it. PSI 2.x went down in features and customization ability, and PSI 3.x is a total non-starter for me. I rolled back from 3.x to 2.x because the GUI in 3.x is useless, with an extreme case of dumb-the-features and UI rolled being out. Each of the version bumps got worse and worse, IMHO.

The UI and engine appear to be Java based, and are extremely laggy, again IMHO.

Lastly, and the absolute trigger that made me uninstall PSI is the repackaging. Secunia used to give the update URL's to the applications it tracked, but recently started repackaging the updates and appending an extension of -SPS to the filename, and apparently hosted on their own site. I was never able to get a checksum match on any file I tried to check with the OEMs' checksums.


must have for Windows

this software searches and installs updates. It detects the most but not all installed software but it also possible to suggest new software that should be updated by PSI.

I would call this a security important software, because a lot of Windows users do not install critical updates and get infected.

Its not that good as the linux update mechanism but the best solution for Windows I found.