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Good tool and free!

Positive Review by oronjoffe
about PDFill Aug 2016

PDFill PDF Tools is in fact a toolkit consisting of two separate programs. The product called "PDF Tools" is free, whereas the PDF editor, which is part of the same download, is free to try (with watermark), but costs $20 to use properly. The editor allows you to edit (up to a point) the contents of a page in a PDF document, whereas the rest of the tools work at page level (i.e. add or remove pages, rotate pages, convert to or from PDF etc). This review is about the non-editor part of the bundle.

I've used PDFill PDF Tools on my own PC for a good few years and installed it on many clients' PCs as well. It's good software and works very reliably. More recently, I've switched to PDF Shaper which is a little friendlier, but I still keep PDF Tools to cover certain gaps with PDF Shaper.

The main screen of PDF Tools is simply a list of 15 buttons naming the tasks ("1. Merge PDF Files", "2. Split or Reorder Pages" etc.). Graphic icons along the top represent the same tasks but are completely superflous. When you click a button, you are often prompted to pick a file (or files), and when you have opened them, you get the relevant dialogue box for carrying out the action, followed by the option to save the results into a new file. Sometimes the order is slightly different, but the idea is the same. Here are a couple of examples:

  • To merge PDFs, click the first button. This will open a dialogue box showing a list of files to be merged, which will initially be empty. Click the "Add a PDF File" button at the top and you will be prompted to choose the PDFs, after which you will be able to change their order, or add more files. Once you have completed this stage, simply click the "Save As..." button at the bottom of the window, name your new PDF and save it.

  • To Add a header and footer to a PDF, click the relevant button and choose the file. The window now shows you various options for the hearder and footer separately (whether to add them at all, shown them on the first page, show page no. etc as well as options for adding text and selecting formatting options (font, position etc). When you have adjusted all the options to your satisfaction, click the "Save As..." button at the bottom of the window, name your new PDF and save it.

Because all the tasks follow the same basic template, one quickly learns how to use the program and even using a new feature ("Reformat Multiple Pages" anyone?) becomes straightforward. On the other hand, the heavy reliance on text and on choosing files *only * through the standard dialogue boxes (rather than supporting drag and drop, as some of its competitors do), can make the program a little tiring to use at times. All in all though, it's a capable program which will deal with the requirements of 90% of the people at page level and will do so reliably. For a free program, that's not bad at all!


The free tool you're looking for to extract images from PDF!

Positive Review by Nupao
about PDFill Jan 2013

This is the ONLY tool that allows BATCH extracting images from PDF!
There is no other alternative right now!
Sure it's closed source, windows only, and it's actually a shareware, but some features are actually very well FREE and there is NO watermark at all!

I was pleasantly surprised to find this software back when Some PDF Image Extract failed me (outdated)



PDFill is NOT FREE!!!!

Negative Review by colmp
about PDFill and Nitro Pro Jan 2012

$19.99 to remove a watermark - only tells you that when you want to save your document!
Lot faster than nitroPDF though