PDFCreator Reviews

Hijacks your computer 1 Helpful

Negative Review by triplegold
about PDFCreator Mar 2013

This has become malware. You can not install this software without it hijacking your browser and search engine settings.


Great software until they bundled the crapware

Negative Review by Awfki
about PDFCreator Aug 2012

PDFCreator was great. It was simple and didn't have any of the odd problems that some similar tools did.

Then they started bundling various toolbars and now they've added some game. Which is why I'm here, to find an alternative.


Great prior to 1.4

Negative Review by Kissaki
about PDFCreator Jul 2012

Was great software until version 1.4.
Since then PDFCreator ships with two additional applications and a toolbar (default-enabled in the installer of course, to annoy the user).