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Pair this up with DirectoryOpus for PDF thumbnail previews in file explorer

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See this thread on what directoryOpus is

Basically, use PDF-x-change as your .pdf default app protocol.

Then you can use it to get image previews of your PDFs inside directoryOpus

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Very useful if you do a lot of PDF based work and need to preview thumbnails of your PDFs quickly

Plus adobe reader is generally the only other alternative here for PDF thumbnail preview.... and there monetizing everything / extremely invasive


Discontinued? Not free any more?

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As of 2017 "PDF-XChange Viewer" does not exist. It is replaced by "PDF-XChange Editor" that does NOT have a free version.

On the company website you can find phrases like:
> The PDF-XChange Editor supersedes the PDF-XChange Viewer !


> The PDF-XChange Viewer has been discontinued and replaced by the PDF-XChange Editor

since November 2013!

Anyway the program is still available and updated: latest version, 2.5.321.0, has been released in March 2017.

And it works great :)

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Compared to Adobe Acrobat Reader DC and Foxit Reader, this one lets you easily markup, remove markups, and select text within markups.

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  • Fast
  • Reading mode + Presentation mode
  • Strong search
  • Comment and Markup tools
  • Free OCR
  • Comfortable look and feel
  • Offline

The Viewer version is fast and better than the rest

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Tried the others Foxit (too bloated now) , Nitro (too slow) , Sumatra (no outook previewers) , and the others not stable enough.

Don't use the new Editor free version though, that has the slow pdf print engine. If you need to print to pdf, just use the one in Windows.


PDF XChange Viewer PRO: best portable OCR-tool for pdf-files

The only PDF-Reader, I know, with OCR-funtion:

The PRO-Version of PDF XChange Viewer is my favorite OCR-tool for converting not text-searchable pdf-files in text-searchable pdf-files. But like all very good OCR-tools it is not free, the price is 29 €:


The best portable PDF-OCR-Tool:

I like very much, that i can use the PRO-Version of PDF XChange Viewer as a portable version in difference to ABBYY FineReader, which must be installed with admin rights.

PDF XChange Viewer PRO is my favorite alternative to ABBYY FineReader as PDF-OCR-Tool

ABBYY FineReader is the second of my two favorite OCR-tools for converting not text-searchable pdf-files in text-searchable pdf-files.
Until May 2012 I have not found any free application able to convert not text-searchable pdf-files in text-searchable pdf-files.
Because I need this function nearly every day, ABBYY FineReader has with about 38 € for the penultimate version ( Version 9 prof.) a very good value for money, if I need the scanning-function+OCR-function.
It is not necessary to buy the expensive newest version of ABBYY Finereader, which costs more than €100.

You find every text in thousands of PDF-files very quickly with PDF XChange Viewer

For finding files and texts in files also on big company networks I prefer "Index Your Files" portable.
This very excellent and lightweight searching-tool finds every text in Excel- and Word-Dokuments, but it is not very reliable in finding text in great numbers of PDF-files. For this purpose the PDF XChange Viewer is perfect. My monthly reports of banking-accounts I have stored in PDF-files.
It is very easy to find one special payment in 100's of monthly banking-account-reports (PDf) with PDF XChange Viewer.

I find a free online pdf ocr to convert pdf to editable text online.

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