Pulseway Reviews

Works really easily

Positive Review by Jaapyse
about Pulseway Jan 2017

It took me a while to understand the basics and get everything going, but in the end this works amazing! It's simple to use, doesn't give false positives (unless you configure it to) and doesn't miss out on anything essential. In fact, it has many more features than just the essentials and they work awesome as well. One of the best things about Pulseway is the support. They have a really active forum and if they can't help you than the official support team will.


“Making IT Heroes”

Positive Review by cristiancsiki
about Pulseway Feb 2015

The advantage of this software is that brings the control of the situation before your eyes, directly in your hands, on your smart phone. It's a luxury to have all the features Pulseway delivers, only with a few taps on your device. The realtime monitoring system helped our company many times and we were able to prevent further hardware and software problems and recover from downtimes before our clients could have call us.

We have multiple internet connections used for email servers, vpns, local serves and inside networks. Since our internet providers were not offering a perfect solution, there were problems offen and clients were having downtimes and difficulties with daily work. Implementing the Pulseway Services, we managed to understand and action more prompt to the problems and slowly the downtimes decreased to 10% and lower.

I would personally recommand Pulseway to IT Admins, IT Techs, but even to a junior IT passionate. Controlling another device, giving tech support, preparing reports in a matter of minutes and all of these in few taps from your device is a luxury that actually questions the competitors, offering best prices and high quality support.


Great piece of software

Positive Review by EamonTuite
about Pulseway Feb 2015

This program saves us a lot of time. Support is great and very responsive. We are using Pulseway for 3rd year and it is most important piece of our infra. For us it has a great value, we know what is happening or what is going to happen soon enough to jump in and fix.


Free to leave the office

Positive Review by paulcsiki
about Pulseway Feb 2015

From an IT Admin's perspective I can say that Pulseway has freed me from my office by allowing me to fix business critical issues using my smartphone. Coming from open source alternatives I can say that Pulseway was surprisingly easy to configure and use. I predicted brute-force attacks, renewed my SSL certificates on time (thanks to the SSL monitoring feature) and now I can do my work from wherever I am. Thank you Pulseway for giving me ease of mind!



Positive Review by eddblank
about Pulseway Dec 2014

Sets up quick, and provides pertinent information immediately. I can monitor servers from anywhere on the internet on my smart phone. No longer need to remind myself to check if a particular application or service is running. If it fails, I know right away! Great product, huge value.