PayPal Reviews

Very risky for sellers

Negative Review by sherwin
about PayPal Jan 2016

Google paypal bad service. It's like reading a horror story. Experienced it first hand.
"So as you can see... PayPal will make a ton more money if we side with the buyer".


Don't use PayPal!!!

Negative Review by Himura
about PayPal Nov 2015

Don't use PayPal!!!

This is the worst company ever. I ordered an online service with paypal and it was thefts, who created automatic subscription for my order. So I contacted paypal to terminate this subscription and paypal said they DON'T HAVE ANY CUSTOMER PROTECTION FOR DIGITAL GOODS!!! Only physical goods have protection with paypal.

So they just let thefts to transfer my money each month for doing nothing and paypal didn't allow me to cancel subscription!!!!

After losing a few hundreds of dollars I just closed my credit cards and created a new one to stop this madness.

I hate paypal so much!!!!


Advise stay away from this scammer tool

Negative Review by Bronan
about PayPal May 2015

I have been using paypal for a period of time, at first i was positive.
That changed slowly after i paid a site which should deliver me a product which they never did.
So i tried a chargeback ... it was refused because the seller had set it as being a service.
Then the second issue turned up, i bought and item and never got it, again paypal refused to pay.
So i left paypal for a long time, then i was asked by a person if he could pay me through paypal for some goods i was selling.
Which i finally did after the buyer constant refused to pay in other ways, that was the biggest mistake i ever made. Everything looked ok and the funds was so put on my creditcard account.
So i send the items off and accepted a few other sales the same way.
Time passes and poof all of a sudden the account deep red, i checked the account which turned out to be a chargeback from paypal for the sold goods.
Ofcourse the buyer disappeared because he used fake addresses and other fake info.
So you end up loosing everything and on top of that lost the items and the postal costs of your sales.

STAY far AWAY from PAYPAL is my advise or else get burned one day as i was


Awesome and secure way of online payment

Positive Review by Joseph864
about PayPal May 2013

I have been using Paypal for a very very long time now and i havnt run into any issues yet. ive been making online payments for a while and never had a problem so i love the app!