Paymo Reviews

Paymo Seems Like the #1 Choice for Business Billing Accounting App 1 Helpful

Positive Review by indiadamjones
about Paymo Dec 2016

Excellent support first off. Next, killer UI. Paymo presents a plethora of essential features while retaining shear simplicity in execution. From my consumer research, Paymo offers more function and value for less than the competitors. I have relied on Paymo to simplify and automate my accounting and invoicing with over a dozen clients for the last 3 years, and never had a single regret about the service in ANY way. Happy to compose a 5-star review for the app which empowers me as an entrepreneur.


Affordable all-in-one project management, time tracking, and invoicing solution 1 Helpful

Positive Review by brettcoburn
about Paymo Dec 2016

I evaluated a number of different solutions to use for my consulting business, and Paymo checked all the boxes in terms of features and price point.

The Paymo developers seem to have built this product specifically for freelancers and small consulting groups, or at least that's how it feels -- everything we needed was here and was within our budget. The interface is extremely flexible, offering a number of options for using each module. There is even a client portal that clients can use to view reports, see invoices, and pay their invoices via credit card!

Overall we have been very pleased with Paymo. Can't wait to see what the next version brings.


Time tracking service provider with a lot of features

Positive Review by felixh
about Paymo Nov 2016

I tested alot of time tracking service providers. This one is in my opinion the best - there are a lot of helpful features (invoicing, automatically generated payment reminders, performance measuring of employees, mobile app, estimations, expenses, defining working days, gant charts...), but they managed to keep the application easy to use. The price is standard for this class of business, but the service you get is great. There is also a very active and helpful support.


Paymo, un outil vraiment très flexible

Positive Review by nicofrei
about Paymo Oct 2016

Paymo est un outil pratique pour notre agence web.
Nous pouvons :
- comptabiliser le temps passé sur chaque tâche d'un projet
- gérer des projets et tâches et définir des jalons
- gérer la facturation

Petit bémol, les applications mobile et desktop sont un petit peu vieillisantes.


Great time tracking!

Positive Review by michaelsculley
about Paymo Oct 2016

Best thing about paymo is it is so simple to use. and I love the nature backgrounds making me feel like I travel and stay connected to my career.


Paymo saves time - lots of it.

Positive Review by andrewbeaupre
about Paymo Oct 2016

I am a remote freelancer. From day one, Paymo made planning, budgeting, organizing, and billing simple and straight forward.

I use it for project planning and task management. I didn't' even realize at the time, but using the built-in timer against each individual task made it so that I could report to my customer overall time on each high-level project and task. When it came time for the first billing, they wanted that level of detail, and got it w/o with the invoice, w/o having to ask. That makes me look VERY good in their eyes.

This is the sort of detail put into this product. Expect to be wowed.


Paymo. Great, I recommend!

Positive Review by petrfencl
about Paymo Oct 2016

Svelte assistant for recording projects, clients and tasks. Applications PaymoPlus can accurately track your time doing what you do on your computer and link this activity with assignments and accurately track time spent on tasks. Great, I recommend


All in one project management application

Positive Review by ninjahunter
about Paymo Oct 2016

PaymoApp is an all in one project management application with time tracking, invoicing, and so much more features at very affordable prices.

Currently testing their free trial (no credit card required for the trial!)

I love the UI, indeed very user friendly. Their reports are far more better than the rest I have tried.

Overall, I'm so happy I found this application, since I was finding an alternative for the one we were using - Teamwork.


Great for freelancers and larger co's

Positive Review by davidb00z
about Paymo Oct 2016

After testing many many different platforms, I found Paymo, which made life much easier.

-Time Tracking
-Project Management
-Permissions and outside contributors
- + a lot more

Overall, a great business-enabling tool.


A must have for every small company!

Positive Review by davidmourato
about Paymo Oct 2016

I've worked about 9 years in a company writing down my daily tasks on a sheet of paper. It was a real nightmare. For my own little company I wanted to find an affordable, flexible and reliable solution to track down the time spend on different projects. We believe that being well organised with time is a major key to success. Time is money right? I've compared online apps like Paymo for quite some time and tested quite a few as well. Paymo has really all we need and it keeps improving. In the beginning when things were a little confusing, their support was always super reactive to help me out in less than 24 hours. I highly recommend Paymo.


finally found one

Positive Review by markusdorfer
about Paymo Oct 2016

I work as a freelancer in it, so tracking time and tasks for customers is essential, in every product i tried so far i find bugs or stuff which works not in that way i want to work. So i keep always looking for new tools.

With paymo it looks like i finally found one which fits me. A usable client for OS x and IOS was a must and so far i did not find any showstoppers and its pretty straight forward to track time and no delay tracking tasks ok they manage their tasks by themselves but other tools i have to wait 5 minutes to import them or their client is unusable or buggy.

Paymo is fast and has a simple workflow that is important for me, i don't need thousands of features and spend ours tracking time and tasks so it fits for me.

Only which i did not find yet are reoccurring tasks, that would be an improvement.

Overall i am really pleased with it so far, hope it stays like that.


Nomly Review for Paymo

Positive Review by samirmerchant
about Paymo Sep 2016

Paymo has allowed our firm to increase productivity and workflow.

We are greatful for the tool and want all of our network to know, Nomly supports Paymo.



Positive Review by jaszczur
about Paymo Sep 2016

We've been using Paymo since a month for now. Thanks to it, we can now organize our work faster than before and check how much time we are in need for particular project with particular tasks. The report and invoices system are also very in need for us - it's a nice thing in relation to contact with our clients (simplifies some matters a lot).
I must also praise their tech-support. When I have any questions, I'm getting answers even within a few moments.


The best time and project tracker out there...

Positive Review by jacobrev
about Paymo Sep 2016

I've tried almost every time tracking app available (Harvest, Beebole, Timely, Everhour, Toggl, Paydirt etc...), and while the timesheets and time tracking isn't the best (still one of the best), adding project tracking, costs, invoices etc... it makes it stand out from all others. It is the most complete package for sure. It has a modern layout and a clean look. The Project management/costing features are great, it shows you how much is billed/unbilled and you can track my fixed fee or time (or a combination, it is very flexible). I wish you could do a partial invoice (but there's ways around it) and that the invoicing was a bit smarter (talked back to the project costing page). Also, I really really wish they built in integration to Xero (not sure why this was dropped, the answers on this integration are vague at best). I have to recreate each invoice in Xero which is a pain.

That being said, Paymo is the most complete package available, and while a little costly, is still worth it for me.