PaperPlane Smart Launch Reviews


Review by Erqo
about PaperPlane Smart Launch Sep 2016

I wonder why : This is an excact copy of XLaunchPad and nobody's saying so.

If only there would be some progress yet.
So hopefully there will, so they can call it their own.

Annoyance 1 : The settings for hot corner don't stick.
Annoyance 2 : Settings are moved to your DOCUMENTS folder, icons and everything. Unacceptable. Not portable.

At least there could be an import/export button, so that I don"t have to fully remake my good old XLaunchPad.


Crashing all the time

Negative Review by MrBouny
about PaperPlane Smart Launch Apr 2016

That's too bad cause the app is nice. I've just installed it on my window 10 new dell xps 13 and it crashed 3 times in 5 mn !
Too bad !