Pandora FMS Reviews

No translation for Russia

Review by yuribrak
about Pandora FMS Jul 2016

Pandora FMS is great look and feel, but as a person who has russian as a first language the lack of a cyrillic-written translation has made me to not be able to take full advantage of all the functions. My english is not the best and it takes me some time and help from Google translate to even write this review. I hope devs include a cyrillic translation soon. Meanwhile, I’ll have to use to other software because having to translate everything is wasting me too much time.


Great tool. Highly recommended both open and enterprise version 3 Helpful

Positive Review by victormar
about Pandora FMS Apr 2016

We are using Pandora FMS to monitor both cloud infrastructure and in house CDP. Since we moved to Pandora FMS we have saved in licensing and we have increased our SLA in almost 55%.

We started by the open source monitoring software version. After 2 years we decided to go for the Enterprise edition.

Hope it helps.


Great software 1 Helpful

Positive Review by abostetxea
about Pandora FMS Mar 2016

I've been learning how to fully use Pandora FMS over the last few months that I've had the chance to, since at my last job this was the software we used to monitor 90% of everything done.
Even though the learning curve may be a little bit high, my boss seemed to be delighted with its features and how it functioned. Quite frankly, once the learning curve is overcome, it's actually as good as my boss said it was. I consider it to be a very complete solution for any large or medium scale company, where you can keep an eye on most processes your business has to perform. Just like most of the alternatives out there we can say it offers a very complete way to monitor almost everything, with the difference being that Pandora is MUCH more "tweakable" if we could say. Basically you can integrate most any external plugin, monitor any device, system, network: just fiddle around with it and you'll discover a world of possibilities.
Apart from this they do also have a good technical system, their tech assistance people are very friendly and willing to respond to your questions. If you have the time like I do right now, they also have a lot (and I mean a lot) of documentation pages on their product between their wiki page and PDF documents.
Check it out I think if you're willing, you'll love it.