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No more XP version :(

Comment by Danilo_Venom
about Pale Moon · Feb 2017 · 3 Helpful

A Pale Moon version optimized for use on Windows XP and Intel Atom processors was also available until Pale Moon 27.
Now that branch has been discontinued and it will not receive other updates :(


Old UI

Comment by declanmarks1
about Pale Moon · Oct 2016 · -2 Helpful

This app uses the UI from an old version. I think the UI just seems outdated now.

I agree the default UI seems old, but there are nice themes to customize it.

I really like Australium, which makes the browser look like the current Firefox style, and Material Moon, for who likes a Chrome-like UI :)

You can find them at

Exactly. Just snag a theme and it's perfect... actually, more perfect ^ _ ^


Not worth it after the latest milestone update

about Pale Moon · ·

I've liked Pale Moon as many users here for basically being Firefox before being ruined by strange UI decisions, bloatware and the like.

But after the latest update to Pale Moon (v.26) it is obvious that sloppy coding is becoming a tradition which only increases in importance in making this browser. A lot of websites are simply broken and plenty of basic add-ons lag or downright break the browser.

Most importantly, the official feedback is bordering on Stalinism: although many users considered that v.26 is not yet ready to be considered stable, the veterans and developers said, faced with all the failures and discontent, that it "had to be done", that it is "a major improvement" (in what, they don't say: can't really consider number of broken websites and addons an improvement) and that we - regular users - had to beta test, otherwise we're not allowed to offer feedback.

Well, those who keep using it will have a lot of beta testing to do. I for one chose another stable browser which to my surprise had all the alternatives to the add-ons that kept me chained to Palemoon.


Firefox BEFORE it was ruined!

about Pale Moon and Mozilla Firefox · · 4 Helpful

Firefox was the amazing alternative to Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Safari because it used less ram and had killer addons you could add to it! Time passed and it became very bloated, slow, and frustrating. That's why a group came together and made Pale Moon, the newest and best web browser alternative of today! They have a dedicated team making working on it every week and best of all, it's compatable with most of Firefox's addons!


A great alternative for Firefox

about Pale Moon and Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera · · 4 Helpful

Pale Moon is a great alternative for Firefox: all addons work, it's faster and consumes less RAM than Firefox.

I recommend it, if FF is becoming difficult to use, test and you won't have to change to Opera or Chrome. Long live Firefox.

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