Overwolf Reviews

Blaotware simply just

Review by usernamehere
about Overwolf Dec 2015

Me and friend found it reduces cpu/ram performance... fps drop. Bunch of apps no one needs... this is garbage.



Positive Review by oren_k
about Overwolf Aug 2013

Best in game tool ever. Same concept as Xfire etc' but offers way more. Easy to use interface and lots of functionality. You should all try it out!


Failed To Meet Expectations

Negative Review by Artanis186
about Overwolf Aug 2012

It looked rather promising. Ability to add and remove 'widgets' at will. Unfortunately I found that the widgets were usually too buggy, too slow, or lacked many desired features. Along with that, the resource usage seemed to be fairly high compared to other in-game utilities. It's updates seem to come at only a monthly interval. Too long for what little they seem to add.