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This app is fantastic for all things podcast related. The smart speed feature has saved me 19 hours [separate from speed settings] since I started using it about 2 years ago (you can find this number in settings).

Also voice boost is a must. I listen mostly to podcasts with interviews. Without voice boost it is impossible to hear both parties comfortably in places like the shower or car. Overcast makes listening to these podcasts possible for my routine.

Smart playlists are great. As is the ability to upload your own audio to overcast.fm and integrate non-podcasted audio into the same listening workflow.


Simply the best

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I've tried many podcast apps on both iOS and Windows Mobile. Overcast is simply the best. It has an easy-to-use, elegant, interface. It takes out silence to save time, and it has a very impressive audio filter to make podcasts easier to hear. I recently switched from iOS to Windows 10 Mobile, and Overcast in the one app that I miss using.