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Outlook.com is a webmail service from Microsoft, successor of Hotmail. Outlook.com offers IMAP and POP3 access as well as social network integration (e.g. Facebook chat). Currently Microsoft Skype is not integrated but once the feature is ready to be rolled out, users will be able to make Skype video calls without using the Skype desktop client.

Alternative names for Outlook: Outlook.com, Hotmail

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First come, first serve

Negative Comment by wormwood about Outlook Aug 2012

I have an account for live.com, one for hotmail.com and one for msn.com, all three with the same userid, and now I can't rename or add alias @outlook.com so I can have the service from MS on their new email, because it 'isn't available'. FAIL Microsoft. BIG FAIL. Now out there someone is got my userid on the outlook.com, while I keep the old MS 'stars' (hotmail, msn, live). I believe is logic to assign priority on merging services like this on the users that already got the userid asigned to them, and not what is happening right now. When Mac.com switched services, users had the choice to keep userid on the new service. Now what will be next? first was hotmail, then msn, then live, now outlook... will it be greenmonkeys? cinnamonfarts? milkwart? People at MS is getting it wrong. Now they opened again the door for impersonators and other garbage.


wtf! you CAN use your current Windows Live ID on outlook.com (all my family has moved to outlook.com and they're using the same ID).


And windows live just can't merge users from live.com, msn.com and hotmail.com to outlook.com because, for exemple, the person who have the id example@hotmail.com isn't necessarily the same person who have the id example@hotmail.co.uk so they just can't merge them. The rule's simple: first-come, first-served!


yes, wtf! I CAN'T use my current Windows Live ID on outlook.com, maybe your family CAN, but my ID is with somebody else. The rule's simple: MS FAIL


well, if you can't login to outlook.com with your hotmail account you should contact microsoft's help center


Only one forwarding rule is allowed in Outlook.com (beta)

Negative Comment by em4020 about Outlook Also mentioning: Gmail Aug 2012

In Google Mail there are more than one forwarding rules allowed, what is very necessary.

Defining a 2nd forwarding rule is denied:

Defining a 2nd forwarding rule is denied

I like the idea of Outlook.com: hopes and opportunities

I think it is also necessary to be able to change the position (chronological order) of forwarding rules or rules setting a category, which unfortunately is not possible at Google Mail also. If one rule sets a category and another later operated rule has a category as precondition, it is very necessary to be able to change the position of rules.

Without this features, the rules become very complicated, because you cannot subdivide the rule-tasks to more different-rules by using categories, defined by pre-operated rules.

I hope that Outlook.com will not have this big disadvantage of GMail, if it will be out of the beta-stage. It seems that Outlook.com has many of the big advantages of Gmail (send from other addresses), it would be fine if Outlook.com could provide the biggest advantage of Yahoo-Mail, the 500 throw-away-addresses. If the first characters of the throw-away-addresses could be choosed more freely, Outlook.com could become the greatest email-service.


outlook.com is currently in beta; it's still in developpment and many new features will come but you can post your comments and suggestions with the "cog-menu" > Feedback cog-menu


Thank you very much for your information, camis. However, the cog-menu-Link is not reachable for me:


You don't have permission to access

Forbidden You don't have permission to access /images/galleries/1531/Outlook8.png on this server.




I get the same message as reported an Aug.2nd, 2012: "Forbidden, You don't have permission to access /images/galleries/1531/Outlook8.png on this server. It seems to be not a public feedback-platform.

But in the app Outlook com there is a Feedback Button reachable with Settings -> Feedback: http://i.imgur.com/awS1T.png


OK, I get it now. That's actually pretty convenient for a lot of things.


i use dots on gmail so i can filter/'adblock' stuff as I please. e.g. mistaecko@gmail == mista.ecko@gmail etc.


Thanks for the link! I didn't know about the gmail feature mentioned in the article...

"Aliases joins an existing multiple e-mail address feature offered in both Hotmail and Google's Gmail that uses a plus symbol after a user name, but before the @ symbol. Users would then add any word after the plus symbol to create an identifiable address (e.g. Josh+newstip@Hotmail.com). This lets messages get filtered into folders, while also providing a way to see if that retailer you bought something from sold your address to a third party."


As of February 3, 2011 hotmail supports aliases that can be used as throw-away email accounts. 5 aliases available with a view to becoming 15 in the near future. Ref. http://news.cnet.com/8301-10805_3-20030574-75.html