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well, it works..... 1 Helpful

Positive Review by porkrinds
about OSToto Hotspot Oct 2015

Out of ALL the alternative "Connectify" equivalents I've tried, this one actually worked.... but its not great by any stretch.

My situation:
Needed a quick, easy solution to act as a "wifi repeater".
Using WindowsXP, and a USB wifi dongle(#1) to establish an internet connection with a very weak signal, I then connected another USB wifi dongle(#2) on a 2nd usb bus to avoid power issues (same computer, of course), then used this software to setup an AD-HOC connection as a "repeater". Im aware this can be done manually quite easily in XP. but i needed something quick, & easy. This worked to my surprise, but not very well. There is NOTHING as far as hardware selection or anything to configure. It would also randomly choose which dongle would receive & which would "repeat". THIS SUCKED! But, I've tried nearly ALL of the alternatives- at least this one worked. Not bad.