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Already better than Kodi

Review by n-----
about OSMC Apr 2017

openElec became Libeelec. xbmc is kodi and it is all turning into utter crap.

OSMC is way better than Kodi and its terrible forks and works a lot better on embedded hardware - especially videoplayback.

As soon as you found out PLEX is bad you try Kodi. And when you are done customizing just to figure out Kodi will never play nice you will find a new home with OSMC.


Raspberry Pi Model 1 & 2 1 Helpful

Positive Review by CyborgCygnus
about OSMC Jun 2015

I gave this a go on both my Raspberry Pi's, the new version 2 & the old version. I was having trouble with OpenELEC & the version installed through NOOBs so I downloaded & put the version from the OSMC website straight on as the only os. I no longer have any problems, OSMC is much faster than other Kodi distros for the Pi that I've tried, it has such a clean modern look that is totally unique & fitting for the Linux based OS Media Centre, much prettier UI/Skin than even Kodi for PC in my opinion.

If you're having Issues on your raspberry pi's with other Kodi distros than give this a go.