This application may not be safe
It includes the adware OpenCandy which propose to install bad softwares, anyway declinable, but it's suspected of DDOS attacks from ESET too! Read comments for more informations.


Orbit Downloader

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Orbit Downloader is a Download Manager for Windows with special focus on downloading content from social media websites like Myspace, YouTube, Imeem, Pandora and Rapidshare. In addition it provides generic means to download media content from Flash based media players via its GetIt-Button and GrabIt++ tools. Like most other download managers it integrates into all standard web-browsers and accelerates file downloads by opening multiple connections to the server in parallel. Orbit... More info »


WindowsMicrosoft Windows NT / 2000 / XP / 2003 / Vista / Windows 7

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DDOS attacks by this program

Negative Comment by piotrex about Orbit Downloader Aug 2013


I'm reading it now!

Not only it contains, as explicitly stated, the adware OpenCandy, but ESET says in this article that, in versions and released on December 2012, the file orbitdm.exe was added to Orbit Downloader: it downloads from Orbit servers a DLL library which gets a list of websites against which launch DDoS attacks!

Translated from


About that Software Updater, it's not that hard at all to remove it. Just delete "SoftUpdater.dll" in the folder where you install Orbit Downloader but do it while Orbit isn't running and relaunch the program. You'll see the software updater is now gone from Orbit Downloader


Now includes a new component, 'Software Updater', that scans your PC for installed software, reports the software to the server, and then presents a list of outdated software and links to download the most recent versions.

The 'Software Updater' is integrated into the main program UI and can neither be disabled or uninstalled.

McAfee SiteAdvisor flags the website red, but doesn't specify the reason. Maybe its privacy concerns due to the newly introduced component?


From WOT:

From Norton Safe Web:


Not only manages downloads, but in some way makes them way quicker than normal. Highly recommended, despite the updater that you cannot get rid of.


I like that updater, but still lack of accuracy. =_="


Like most other download managers Orbit uses multiple connections to the server per download/file to achieve faster downloads. No magic here.


Open Preferences then Accelerate ;)


Lets you to download flash videos and animations quickly and easily... Great program , I recommend it.


Has some quirks, but for those of us looking for a somewhat portable app, this compared to FDM leaves less traces in the registry.