OptiTune Reviews

Easy to use, yet advanced features available

Positive Review by artdavies
about OptiTune May 2017

We really love using OptiTune, it makes our lives a lot easier at our firm. It was easy to get started with, deploying it to hundreds of PCs using either existing methods (e.g. group policy), or by generating a user friendly installer for deployment by end users.

Once you are started, you get up to the minute reports on the status of all PCs in your company, including things like apps that are installed, windows updates, viruses, etc.. It has a lot of high end features, like app deployment (with cloud storage and bandwidth included for remote endpoints), and includes some really powerful tools like the remote command prompt and remote task manager, not to mention the remote desktop feature, which works well.

We don't have any complaints overall, except that the billing is sometimes trickier when you try to add licenses, it's better to buy them in blocks, although they tell us that they will be supporting usage based billing soon as well.

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Great product for administering PCs

Positive Review by qedprof
about OptiTune Jan 2016

We have been using Optitune for about 2 years now for our medium sized IT department, and it has worked wonders for us.

We really like the ability to provide remote assistance to any of our staff no matter if they are at the office, or travelling. Optitune's monitoring capabilities are also excellent, you can even customize the notification email template, or set a schedule for what times of the day certain staff members should be notified of IT issues.