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Opera browser offers the best experience out of the box 2 Helpful

The interface is clean and effective. The Speed Dial is the best in class new tab page. You choose what and how many pages you want there and you can even group multiple pages with deadly simple drag and drop or bookmark all the opened tabs at once there.

Off-road is great for when your connection is bad or you're having a problem to connect to a specific website, and also saving a bit of data/money if you're accessing via a mobile network connection.

You can access all your search engines when you select and right-click text on a page.

You can easily recover any closed page from the menu, while in Chrome for example you're limited to the latest 10 closed tabs/windows.

Paste & Go anytime, simply press Ctrl + Shift + V!

Mouse gestures are included for fast browsing.

Stash and Discover can be useful to varying kinds of usage and other minor unique settings included are very good.

In addition to Speed Dial and Off-road mode, in mobile devices the navigation is faster and the bar placement at the bottom is much more comfortable for navigating and tab-switching. The option to apply text wrapping and freely zooming in instead of the worst invention of the century (a.k.a. the FontBoosting method) also strengthens my choice greatly.

You can save pages for off-line viewing which is a good bonus and now that they're implementing features like the media downloader Opera is differentiating itself from the other browsers even more.

It's also worth mentioning that while companies like Maxthon, Dolphin, etc (with the exception of Yandex), are building browsers that are merely wrappers that use the rendering engine that comes with your device's Android version, Opera is directly involved with web standards and offers the latest and greatest in this department with a more up-to-date browsing engine.

Summing up: it's the best browser and it's from a company historically committed to supporting the open web standards. My sole browser recommendation. 10/10

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For me, it's the fastest 1 Helpful

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I'm a computer technician, I've used many browsers with many types of computers, mac/pc/ and linux. Basically what it came down to is chrome, Firefox, Opera, and even Safari all ran about the same, but when I turned on the "turbo" (image compression), it ran the fastest on all my computers. The only one that that was slow was Explorer, which is built for safty more than speed.

*on linux OS, Firefox was the fastest


I recently tried using Opera again. It has a long way to go. -1 Helpful

I recently tried using Opera again. It's better than I remembered, but the lack of good addons and extensions for Opera is crippling. You can block ads on Opera with addons, but that's about it. The reason I like Firefox and Google Chrome so much is because both of the browsers are incredibly extensible. In that aspect, Opera has a long way to go.

As for the browser itself, Opera is actually very good. I recommend using the "Z1-Glass" skin if you're using Opera on Windows 7; it looks totally awesome. Additionally, the browser has a couple of very nice built-in features. For starters, Opera Unite seems pretty useful, though it wouldn't replace Dropbox. With Unite, you can download any file from your home computer remotely from another computer running Opera. And Opera Link synchronizes your bookmarks between computers, which is a must-have for anybody with multiple computers. However, Xmarks and Chrome both do a better job of this; Xmarks supports syncing between multiple browsers, while Chrome syncs extensions and browser preferences, along with bookmarks.


I can't praise it enough.

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Opera is portable (native --> from the developers);

Opera is incredibly customizable (which means you can use it both at home on your big screen or on the move on your netbook with more adequate configurations for each --> easy);

Opera has it's own sync features (which means whatever you browse and bookmark at work on your profile - or on your 2nd computer - gets automatically syncronized at home --> powerful);

Opera has built-in mail and feed reader, chat client and so much more... I can't praise it enough.