OpenShot Reviews


Negative Review by ugurozturk
about OpenShot May 2017

i do not recommend for win10. I have ssd, 3.5ghz gtx970 but it does freeze a 20mins video. Tried to check video's audio but that just freezed.


It crashes on Windows 10 64bits and Mac OS X, Linux testing pending

Review by yago76
about OpenShot Nov 2016

I've been using on LinuxMint 3 years ago. It worked fine, but it was an old version. I haven't had a chance to test it now. As soon as I can test it I'll write another review. I think from my past experience that it will work with no problems.
On Windows 10 64bits and Mac OS X El Capitan it crashes when playing the video that it's being edited.
It looks like a great software that maybe works only fluid on linux machines.


Good alternative but not really great yet

Positive Review by EpicLPer
about OpenShot Sep 2016

It's going to be a good alternative to Vegas once it's done, tho only for light video editing. If you want to do more than just that it's going to be a pain in the a**. Also crashes a lot.


Doesn't seem compatible with Windows 10

Negative Review by hockenmaier
about OpenShot Aug 2016

I launched this thing a few times and did some basic importing and splitting video files until the app crashed each time, usually in under 5 minutes.



Negative Review by igenn
about OpenShot Jul 2016

As others mentioned already: crashes


Total Crap

Negative Review by AdmiralJaden
about OpenShot Apr 2016

It could not even load an 8 second video before crashing. How this pile of crap has over 100 likes is beyond my understanding.


Unusable crashes often, crashes on export/render. Terrible do not even bother. 3 Helpful

Negative Review by caswalparker
about OpenShot Apr 2016

Installed on my Windows 10 x64 machine.

Just wanted to load a short video, clip the end off. Put a music track on it. Crashed while trying to to split a track, crashed while trying to change timeline position. Preview is unusable slow. After 30 minutes of fighting just to do the above task. Crashes on trying to export the video out. Googling OpenShot is terrible brings up a couple of blogs about similar issues. So it isn't just me.

Completely useless. Reinforces my opinion that almost everything with a GNU license is complete crap.

I'll probably go back to using Sony Vegas.


1/5 Crashes often.

Negative Review by Cubic
about OpenShot Mar 2016

The program crashes a lot and the video in the preview lags horribly. Do not get this.