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Terrible Code

Negative Review by CodeMouse92
about Odoo Apr 2017

I worked on an Odoo-based project for a few months. This is perhaps the single most confused, horrendous, badly implemented, barely documented code base I've ever seen - and I've seen a LOT. If it meets all of your needs right away, it might be worth considering, but if you have to modify any of the code, RUN. As soon as one thing changes in the code base, things break with no roadmap for fixing them.


Odoo's SaaS product is not ready for real use. 1 Helpful

Negative Review by Phil_Supinski
about Odoo Feb 2017

My company recently went through 1 month of trying to use the hosted Odoo product. We are now on community and extremely happy to have made the move. The problems with our experience:

  • Our assigned Odoo consultant had no discernible technical knowledge. We did warn them before signing that we were going to be doing a lot of customization.
  • Using the tools provided it is very easy to break your ERP. This isn't so bad... But you can't fix it yourself you have to wait about 4 business days for tickets to be addressed.
  • Your consultant will charge you for every email they send you... If these emails said more than "please open a ticket" this might be justified.
  • "Studio", Odoo's customization tool, is in their own words, "Not Done". And more frustrating than helpful.

The worst part about Odoo online is that their customer service just doesn't seem to care.

The community edition is great. I imagine that Enterprise probably is too.


Nice but not free

Negative Review by nolik
about Odoo Jan 2015

It seems to be a set of apps to be used, but everything is controlled via the the Odoo and to prolong the use they have demands as subscription with all personal/company details etc. The app is used online, meaning all data is located in the cloud and Odoo can disconnect anyone as soon as they decide on policy change.

Nice idea, but unfortunately I'm going to skip it - doesn't seem to be independent and long-lasting...