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Writer, part of the Small Apache OpenOffice iconApache OpenOffice suite, is an open-source word processor. It supports the ISO standard Open Document Format (ODF) for data interchange as its default file format, as well as Microsoft Office 97-2003 formats, Microsoft Office 2007 format (ability to "open" documents in version 3), among others.

Alternative names for Apache OpenOffice Writer: Open Office Writer

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This is better than MSWord and it's FREE! How can you not like that? :)


I know you're a shill for open source (nice penguin), but really, why do you lie to people? This doesn't even approach MS Word.


That post is two years old. I realize openoffice is crap now and I tend to stick with abiword.


I use this every day, I find it be better than Microsoft Word. I use the export to pdf feature a lot, especially when I am sending a document to teachers, classmates, colleagues, or anyone else.


How is it better than MS Word? You must not ever use Word.


The fact that two people can edit a document at the same time in Google Docs is just awesome. You can also edit your stuff on different computers because it's in the cloud.

I wouldn't use Docs exclusively, but for most tasks Google Docs does whatever I need to do in OpenOffice. IMO, it's an alternative.


But Google Docs is Online and so it's not a real alternative to Word or Writer.


Writer is a good word processor, though I personally prefer using an online word processor like Google Docs as an alternative to Microsoft Word.


I like Open Office. However, many times when I send out a resume I get complaints from prospective employers they can not open Open Office Word with their Microsoft Office Word.
If I convert the Word .doc to a Rich Text Format it is too large for many online applications. Same can be said to Adobe PDF files.
So it makes me hesitate when I'm sending a resume if they are actually able to read my resume. If they can't are they simply discarding my resume?
If anyone has a more reliable alternative to Microsoft Word I'd appreciate it.