Open Hardware Monitor Reviews

Very functional and resource friendly

Positive Review by 80sbush
about Open Hardware Monitor Feb 2015

Having used several such programs even commercial products I am really impressed with Open Hardware monitor. Especially it resource consumption, while not extremely lean, comparative to other offerings it consumes on an x64 Windows 8.1 U 1 box less than 20MB of ram with the web service running at 1sec resolution and sub 1% peak CPU usage.

Additionally this application captures hardware data for the usual temperatures to NAND flash write rates and other unexpected metrics your hardware maybe generating.

Small non issue is that for external USB drives in my case it doesn't apply a name label to the device. Other than generic Hard Disk, it could well serve the user better to apply the volumes present on the disk make it easier to differentiate. As in, E:\,M:\ If those two volumes are on the external disk in question.

This application could be significantly expanded or used as the foundation codebase if one requires a customized monitoring solution since this an open sourced product. Will be interesting to see if this product will go cross platform as its based on .net which will be cross platform in the next generation.

Great work, great future for this project I hope. Kudos to the developer.


Clean and Easy

Positive Review by bhp0528
about Open Hardware Monitor Jun 2012

I've been very happy with OHM. The main screen shows all the stats you can hope for and then allows you to easily select the important ones for either the task bar or the Gadget window. This allows you to keep an eye on things you're interested in while using little desktop space. I'm quite impressed at how clean the interface is and how little setup is required. The only thing I could wish for would be some kind of historical graph that would show the past minute or so.