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OBS is an easy to use program for recording videos locally and streaming. Setting up the interface is fairly straightforward and the quality is good.


gold standard for recording video games

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as title suggests

Replaces things like fraps and bandicam

Has lots of options for setting bitrate / integration to twitch as well

can have multiple profiles for common recording task / setup

Comment by marriemuller
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Great for both streaming and recording the desktop area or a specific software or even games.


A shining example of great open source development

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OBS Studio is probably my favourite software of all time. You may think that OBS would be used exclusively for gaming purposes... far from it! Yes, you can easily set it up for streaming content to YouTube, Twitch, and the like, but it's also a great screen recorder software for educational videos and a great podcast recorder! It allows for extensive audio input configuration and easy stereo-mix recordings (remember that?) for a podcast session.

The software performs incredibly well even in outdated computers. My almost-10-year-old laptop can pull some recordings at lower resolutions.

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Support twitch, hitbox and youtube gaming. And there is a dark theme <3


The best free recording software I've found.

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I would recommend this highly over other alternatives.


Twitch and game streaming runs on OBS

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Free, and does a lot of shit. All you will ever need to get started with streaming.

Now all that's left is a good machine, a good setup and an audience to get going.

It's also cross-platform. So you can learn the program once and use it on Mac, Windows and Linux.


Amazing software!

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As a freeware guru, it's my purpose to find the best free software out there.

This program is undoubtedly the best free gaming broadcaster ever.

no not really, there are problems with the software.