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Tested and working with WIndows 10 Creators Update (2017-05-13)

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After having multiple issues with another open source screen and audio capture tool I decided to test OBS. Unlike many of the other comments, I found the software easy to configure and working perfectly.

Definitely, recommend OBS over other open source alternatives.


OBS Windows 10 Anniversary Update

Comment by victorf
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It's a bit clunky and confusing to get it work especially if you have a laptop (which most of them have dual-gpu).
After Windows 10 Anniversary Update, OBS is totally not functional. Reports say that crashes a lot, in my experience that didn't happen however the local recordings are worthless, even with low bitrate, low resolution and recording with one of each codecs (h.265 and QSV) the result is the same: no in-game lag but the file ending up with extremely low file size and very choppy as if the game was played in 10fps.

If you have Windows 7 or Windows 10 before Anniversary Update then go for it.

Note: I recorded the same game with same settings with other recording software and the results are what you expect, so definitely there's a problem with OBS Studio AND OBS Classic.


Powerful and a bit clunky

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Open Broadcaster Software (studio) is a bit clunky, but very powerfull piece of software for live streaming.


Didn't work for me

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It's a hell of a job to get it working. On one PC we did it, on the next PC: no way. What a waste of time this was!!!


Great streaming software

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Have used OBS many times to stream to Twitch, and also use it for recording videos to post later to YouTube. Initial setup can be a bit daunting, but once that's done it's a great software, not to mention free!


Linux version?

Comment by Flexico
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I was told by that this was a good Fraps alternative for Linux, but there isn't a Linux version (or even a Windows version) available to download. :(

I use OBS on Linux, I think I installed it via their ppa:

I can double check in a few hours when I get back to my obs machine, and make sure thats the ppa I used.

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The best streaming software out there...and free!

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OBS is without a doubt the best streaming software on the market, and it's great that it's free and open source. It has low resource usage, it has lots of great features, and is extremely versatile. I used to use Xsplit, but after trying OBS once I left it in the dust for good. Definitely give this one a shot.

This software can record to file and is excellent for capturing the screen.

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